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50 shades of WHAT?! – Film review

Its obvious that I am late on the bandwagon. However, it was a bandwagon that I didn't want to jump on. The reason I watched this film was due to the fact that a lot of my universities lectures began referencing to the film so I felt like I had to in order to understand these references.

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Top Five Tuesday – Films that make you cry.

I’m back with my Top Five Tuesdays – after a failed attempt recently, this time it’s my top five films that make you cry.

Is it just me, or does every girl have that mood where they just want to lie in bed with some nutella and cry their eyes out at a farfetched love story? Probably not. This is fundamental to me and I very often find myself clicking netflix and heading straight to the romance section or even, do I admit, the family and children section. *yes, they do make me cry still – lion king… I even cry at Mary Poppins.*

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Mockingjay Review – WARNING SPOILERS

Sorry for the spoilers

…but I really couldn’t do a review about this without expressing my opinions towards some things that had been changed from the book to the film.Β 

Firstly, with the other adaptations of the book ‘The Hunger Games’ film phenomena has really impressed me about how true they have been to the books, the casting is impeccable and everything just seemed too good to be true..Β 

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