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I’ve had some very exciting news this week, news that I have been waiting oh so patiently for and got myself all wound up and stressed over. Also, a few other things are changing in my life all at the same time. So, my mum, my sister and I decided to head for a meal at Prezzo, an Italian themed restaurant, to celebrate my news and all the new changes!

Firstly, let’s start with a bit of a back story… 

So, I have just graduated from four years at Bournemouth University in Communication and Media, with taking one year in the industry as a Marketing and Events Intern. Now, this summer has been a tough one – It’s the search for your first post-graduate job time. Luckily, I kept my part-time job as a waitress so I was not completely out of work during my search which made things easier for me. However, I was applying for everything I could from marketing, to events, to small admin jobs and nothing was happening. I was either not even hearing back, or getting rejected straight away without interview or not succeeding at interviews. Despite all of this, I stayed determined that I will find that dream job to start me on the career ladder…


I am now a Trainee News Reporter from my three local town papers and I could not be more overjoyed! I’ll be writing news stories, dealing with social media, paper layouts and photography – all for my job!

Also, My mum, sister and I are moving house tomorrow so a new chapter opens and also, me and my boyfriend are getting a new kitten on Sunday, so it’s alllllll changing!

This all sounds a good enough reason to celebrate, right?

So we decided to go to Prezzo – somewhere that was a hit with all of us. We ordered some posh, sophisticated drinks – my sister went for a Bellini, my mum a glass of prosecco and I ordered an Aperol Spritz which is Prosecco, Aperol and Soda. They hit the spot and got us in the mood to celebrate!

Aperol Spritz, Italian, Prezzo, Alcohol, Drinkbellini, prosecco, aperol spritz, alcohol, Prezzo, Drinks

Whenever we come to Prezzo, for a starter, we always order the large garlic bread to share. This comes topped with caramelised onions and cheese and it is glorious! I could probably eat a whole one to myself y’know.

Pizza, Garlic Bread, Prezzo, Starter, Caramelised Onions

Then for main meals, I ordered, again, something I have every time I go (I should probably venture out sometime and order something different) the Goats Cheese Al Forno. It’s a cheese pasta bake with goats cheese, red peppers, pesto, and mushrooms and it is just amazing. It is such a large portion as well, and with pasta being filling anyway it’s nice not to be weighed down further with any meat. I’m not a vegetarian but I love meat-free dishes, especially when the meal is heavy anyway. Plus, goats cheese is just….. DROOL.

Goats Cheese, Pasta, Pesto, Prezzo, Mushroom, VegetarianMy Mum then went for her staple as well – once you find something you like, it’s hard to steer elsewhere! She has the Sea Bass, that comes with potatoes and green beans and then she got to choose a side to go with it, fries, chips etc and she went for a side salad! I’ve never eaten Sea Bass so I couldn’t really comment on it but it does look good!

Sea Bass, Side Salad, Prezzo, Meal, FoodNow my sister is a fussy one. She only likes a handful of things and she usually would go safe with a Spaghetti Bolognese, knowing exactly what to expect. However, she decided to go for a spicy chicken calzone, not even knowing what a calzone was! *very proud sister moment*. I then told her it was a folded pizza, resembling a giant Cornish pasty. She isn’t a very big eater but she finished the lot so she must have enjoyed it.

Spicy Chicken, Pomodoro, Prezzo, Italian, MealFeeling well and truly full we were asked about desserts. I am ALWAYS a dessert girl – whether I can fit it in or not. As it was a celebratory meal we all chose to have one. My mum went for a Tirimisu – because how can you not at an italian restaurant. She demolished hers too quickly for me to get a picture – so have one of her eating it!Then I went for the Sticky Toffee Pudding (a classic me dessert) and my sister went for a chocolate fudge cake. All of which looked incredible (you will have to take my word for it on the tiramisu!)

Mum, Meal, Prezzo, Women, Restaurant

Sticky Toffee Pudding, Ice Cream, Prezzo, Dessert

Chocolate, Cake, ice Cream, Meal, Prezzo, Dessert

It was an absolutely delicious meal and it was nice to spend some time with my Mum and Sister for a change – we all work random hours so as one comes in the door, one goes out! The food was amazing as always from Prezzo and I highly recommend it to anyone who has not already been. I just love Italian food in general!

What is one food that you cannot live without?

Thank you for reading

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