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Book Review | Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This year I have entered a reading slump.. nothing has caught my eye and everything I start I cannot finish – until Everything Everything came along.

Usually, my book style is thrillers, murders, true crime and psychological thrillers. I’m never a huge fan of the slushy love stories or the ‘read by the pool-esque’ genres, the false hope, unrealistic storylines type. However, despite saying that, whenever I hit this reading slump a book of that exact nature is just what I need and I would never ever think about belittling it as a genre. This time my slump was reversed by Nicola Yoon‘s YA fiction about a girl with SCID, trapped in her own home as she is allergic to the outside world falling in love for the first time and overcoming her sickness.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon | Review

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The main character Madeline Whittier is perfectly named because indeed she is witty as a protagonist. Her bubbly and upbeat nature despite her having to live a life away from real life is worth commendation. Although, the book does touch on aspects of her mental health and the issues with what her situation could cause and how she strives through the hard times, she is an easy to fall in love with character.

The diary style format of writing really allows you to empathise, relate or simply understand the goings-on inside a trapped teenage mind. This format being broken up with the short chapters, the amusing asides and cartoon-esque drawings, drawn by the authors husband David. This is believe was one of the main reasons why I found this book so easy and entertaining to read – the short snappy chapters just led me further on in the book, never did I get tired or feel myself getting bored of a chapter. It actually only took me a day to read which for someone claiming to be in a reading funk, is impressive!

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The involvement of illness and Maddie’s story in a, let’s face it – yet another teenage love story – gives another purpose to the story. Yes, you want everything to work out between Maddie and her love interest Olly, the actual boy next door, but you also want to follow her journey of self-discovery and the discovery of the outside world. Her mother’s involvement in the story is also really interesting. I won’t really mention too much more on this part of the story as it was the part I found most shocking. Something happens with her mother, I liked the idea of it but not necessarily the way it was portrayed. This would be my only critique of this book, I feel the storyline with her mother was maybe a little rushed, I could easily have read this book even double its current size. There are aspects of domestic abuse, intense grief, dealing with a sick child, being a sick child, teenage first loves, first holiday, first sexual experience, denial, deceit, friendships, relationships all crammed into a 306 page book. Plus, it ended so super annoying as well that I wanted to know more!

I love the style of Nicola Yoon’s writing, the upbeat fast nature of writing split into various mediums and will look into reading her other novel ‘The Sun is Also A Star’ in the near future and also I will watch the film version of this book too – a film that has caught my eye several times but I wanted to read the book first.

So, if you are looking for a nice, easy read then this should be your first choice. It won’t teach you Quantum Physics or teach you to become the Prime Minister but It did get me out of my slump and it was all I thought about until I had finished it.

What is your favourite genre of book?

Do you have any favourites to recommend?

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