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Forgive me?

Welcome to, probably, the most written content ever featured on a blog? 

I’ve been a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE blogger. Yes, the pretty normal, hopefully forgivable, excuse is coming..

I’ve been busy.

Does that justify over a year missing? Yes, yes it does.

However, I’m back on the bandwagon, packed ready to jet off back on my blogging adventures and here to amuse you all once again.

Where did I leave you?

Well, I’m currently in my third (but technically fourth year) of university studying Communication and Media at Bournemouth University. I say ‘technically my fourth’ because I spent a year as a Marketing and Events Intern for a company organising events and social media. It was great!

But now, back to the cause and grind of assignments and… DISSERTATION. 

I’m almost half-way through my dissertation, and if anyone is interested, I might do a ‘Things not to do’ post or something to talk about my experience of writing one.

I’m now crying, screaming and dreading the leap into actual adult world but applying for graduate schemes, traineeships and internships in Journalism. So, fingers crossed ey!

Why pick blogging back up I hear you ask?

I’ve missed it, terribly. It’s a release. Right now, I could do with a release. So, sit back and enjoy and I cannot wait to talk to you all again and hear what you’ve been up to!


  • I hope to upload twice a week – series ideas are coming along nicely and will be announced as they are released.
  • Once a proper fixed schedule of days and times are clear I will tell you them also.

For now, I’m back!

Tell me ONE thing you are proud of doing in the last year?

Until next time,