Beach Time Out.

So I realise that I have missed my Tuesday post this week, failed to blog about the few awards I have received recently sorry Lauren.. But, after completing two out of three exams and having another week until the next one, I thought I would use today as a rest day to allow my brain to recover from so much information being flooded in and also enjoy some alone time. Now, this may seem sad in some ways, but there is no company I love more, apart from my boyfriends and family of course, than I enjoy more than my own. I could spend weeks just by myself. Things are just easier that way.

So, I picked up my book, popped on my wooly hat and decided to go to the beach. I am very fortunate to live by the sea and never do I take advantage of that fact. But, today I did and this post will mainly be photos of how I spent my day..



IMG_2478 IMG_2488 IMG_2490 IMG_2493 IMG_2494 IMG_2496

This day has been perfect and has completely cleared my head of all stress ready for revision to start again tomorrow. Only another week and I promise I will get back to a normal blogging schedule.

Where is it you like to go for some time out?


Top 5 Tuesday – Favourite Everyday Make up items

As promised, I am here with another Top 5 Tuesday – this week it is all about my favourite everyday make-up items. I don’t have a huge range, and being the social recluse that I am, I do pretty much wear this look every day as I never have any other opportunities to wear ‘Going out make-up’ or ‘Wedding make-up’ so you can pretty much assume that you will never see a make up tutorial from me haha!

Wearing make up everyday just boosts my self esteem. This is why I hate it when people think girls only wear make-up to make themselves more attractive for boys. It can genuinely have such a boost in your self esteem and makes you just feel so much happier!

So here we go! (Note: these products do change from season to season, and currently i’m still wearing autumn/winter shades/colours)

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