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What would Mary Berry say?

To bake or not to bake?

There is nothing more christmassy to me, than baking. I am a huge fan of all things sweet and making them myself gives me such pleasure. I worked christmas day this year (i know, how unfestive of me) but i decided as a present to my fellow colleagues that i would bake everyone festive treats to keep the mood up.

I decided to make mince pies (shocker!), gingerbread iced biscuits and chocolate and ginger muffins. All of the recipes i found on the BBC Good Food website, which is a lifesaver when the only cook books you own are from the war!

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Just read, currently reading, to read.

worst blogger of December award goes to, me. 

Yet again, i am yet to get into a rhythm or any sort of routine when it comes to blogging. I just blog when an idea comes to mind instead of planning them like i should. New years resolution maybe?

But currently, as always, i have been engrossed in reading and putting off everything else on my to do list purely to read a few more chapters of my book. 

Just read..

I have just finished reading ‘The Humans’ by Matt Haig


now, this isn’t a usual style of book for me. This is due to the concept of aliens, sci-fi or even the mention of mathematics. However, my boyfriend read it (he is fairly new to reading) and enjoyed it therefore i added it to be ‘To Read’ pile. It’s fair to say, i’m glad he did recommend this book to me. I love books that make you question things and this book certainly does that. Haig really does take a background look into the human existence and perfectly describes what really is weird and wonderful about it. It’s a hilarious but chilling book that i thoroughly enjoyed! 

Currently reading…

Now this isn’t Jane Eyre, or Shakespeare but i am currently reading ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg, youtube sensation ‘Zoella’.


Now i knew this before i got it that it wasn’t going to be an emotional thrill or written superbly well. However, it’s an easy read that i am somewhat hating but loving at the same time. Of course this type of teenage fiction is completely farfetched and a kind of ‘how many traumatic teenage events can you squeeze into one book’ but i can’t seem to put it down and finding myself giggling when i am reading it.

 The sad thing about it really is the media outburst about a ‘ghost writer’. Whether or not this is true, i think she has every right to be proud of what she has done. 

To Read…

Now, being a bookworm, christmas is the best time of year. My family love me because give me a Waterstone’s voucher and i am the happiest person alive. 

So recently i have purchased…

I brought these two after falling completely in love with Gillian Flynn’s writing style during ‘Gone Girl’. Before reading Gone girl, i never was interested in crime or thriller novels. Now i am completely into them.. i regret not finding these sooner because the way she writes just creates ultimate tension and you can’t put the book down!


who doesn’t love a rom-com easy read? Plus, BRIDGET JONES!? hello! This character has to be one of my favourites of all time just purely because of how normal she is and i like how that is celebrated in a book. 

and finally, 

Now this one i am most reluctant to start reading. I am scared that the whole way through i am going to compare it to Harry Potter, a series in which in all honesty fuelled my bookworm habits. I have heard very mixed reviews on it and therefore am sceptical. It can’t be that bad surely?!

Also, me and my mum have huge piles of ‘to reads’ that we share with each other, and for christmas i brought her..

So i will also let you know what i think of these too!

Did anyone get any books for christmas? Or have read any of these?

Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas by the way, just realised that i didn’t do any posts that were remotely christmassy, oh well! 

Lauren x



Sorry for the lack of posting…

assignment deadline week! 1 more to go before christmas!

Tonight was a very special night for me, as every year my friends at Uni cook a huge christmas dinner and partake in secret santa! So we all pick out a name and have to then buy them a present with a budget of £10. I was happy with who I got because I know them so well so got them a ‘serial killers guidebook’ (seems weird but she is into murderers and stuff)(just made it sound weirder) and a Stress Willy, because who doesn’t love joke presents at christmas!

But, the most amazing thing happened…



Literally, no other person could have got me anything better. 

The christmas meal itself was amazing, we had the log fire going (On the TV) if you don’t know what i am talking about, you can get a youtube video of a fire that plays christmas songs, it’s soo festive. We have all the christmas trimmings, and mince pies and cheesecake for pudding. 

So overall, I had an amazing evening, sorry for the quick post, but got excited about my presents! I will review them in the future!