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Women and their role in sport.

The lack of women in sports that are considered ‘manly sports’ is surprising considering the idea of equality.

I have always been a huge lover of sport, and not just typically female loving sports (if indeed they are categorised in this way) but i enjoy those sports that are considered ‘Manly’. Not the sort of interested as in, i love football , boys love me kind of way (which in itself is controversial).

Specifically, I am a huge fan of Formula 1 and have been ever since I can remember and as I have got older I realise more and more of the patriarchal nature of sport. When i was just 10 years old, I remember writing a letter to Ron Dennis about how i wanted to be the very first women pit crew member and how angry I was that there wasn’t a female representative for the sport. As you are probably thinking, I never got a reply and to this day still haven’t seen my wish granted. 

Why is this though? Is it that girls just aren’t interested in doing these jobs and therefore aren’t training in the right degrees? Are men considered to know more about the subject therefore are hired over women? 

The women that are helping the cause is Susie Wolff and Suzi Perry (Something to do with the name susie?) but they both have completely revolutionised the idea of women in this sport. Susie (Wolff) not just works for Williams but has also driven the car around in practise sessions and in her own words states that ‘Formula one is not a man’s world’. Also, Suzi Perry, formally working with super bikes, has made the show more welcoming for women as the host of the BBC coverage and actually know what she is talking about rather than getting an unknowledgeable talent. 

Yes, i understand that over the years with people such as Maria Teresa de Filippis in the late 1950’s to even a Brit of Divina Galica there is a HUGE number difference between male Formula 1 drivers than women so to put this into perspective, In the 62 years the World Championship has existed, five women have entered a grand prix compared to 822 men in the same period. Now I am not suggesting that we create a whole league for women because in all honesty, women team sports just aren’t as widely watched or marketed as male leagues. Take football and Rugby for example: in most cases the women teams are far more successful than the men’s team yet don’t get half the money or half the credit.

I am not slating the talent and absolute pleasure to watch the men in Formula 1 and am in no way saying that the sport would be better with women involved. It would just be nice to see women interested and accepted in a patriarchal sport such as this. 

So therefore, this is just a thanks to women such as Claire Williams, Suzi Perry, Susie wolff and Monisha Kaltenborn for creating more awareness for the idea that WOMEN CAN LIKE SPORT TOO!

Suzi Perry

Lets hope that other sports such as Football and Rugby start to merge genders and for women to be equally considered.


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So, this is the time of year when every blogger gets sucked into the halloweeny christmassy world of Lush. I fell for it even harder this year because i have been soooo ill that nothing seems to shift it like a nice bath with my favourite scents.

HOWEVER, this year, i decided to purchase ones that i have never used before.. so here goes!

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Should Disney only use Caucasian princesses?

Are people serious?

Now, don’t be put off by the title. The question is very much mocking those people with no broadening mind. I recently came across a post about how 5 Disney princesses had been reimagined as if they were caucasian. Being a huge Disney fan, this intrigued me therefore i clicked the link (which can be found here) and was absolutely horrified as to what i read.

Firstly, the pictures just looked weird and to me frankly hard to look at. However, my argument is that Disney created different raced princesses for a reason. The comment in particular that caused me such upset was this ‘The Princess And The Frog is an exciting journey about the power of friendship and acceptance, not the color of Princess Tiana’s skin. It’s important for all girls, regardless of race, to feel represented in movies for kids’ – the change of race for these princesses are so that people of those races have someone to represent them!! There are a variety of different races in order to make everyone feel as though they can have the perfect princess life and not feel as though it is just for white girls!

Secondly, Underneath the picture of Jasmine, it states that the film would have been just as amazing or maybe even better?! WHY would the colour of her skin or her nationality have anything to do with the success or the quality of the film?

And possibly using the hashtag  #WhiteDisneyPrincesses is just screaming for negative comments to be thrown at the writer? I was super angry when there was no comment section or no way of finding the reader.

I happen to enjoy the multicultural nature of Disney and therefore should continue to represent them in best way they can.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?


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Thorpe Park overnight stay / Livelikealauren Beauty and Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 11.15.06

New Thorpe Shark Hotel review 

Recently, I stayed at the new Thorpe Park hotel called ‘Thorpe Shark’ for two days and one night using the Thorpe Breaks Website. I went with my boyfriend and was presently surprised at the price. It was £99 for both of us for two days of park tickets, an overnight stay and a cooked buffet breakfast in the morning. If you are familiar with the usual day prices on entrance to Thorpe Park for the day, you will understand that this is such a good price and definitely value for money!

After reading some, lets say, worrying reviews on trip advisor about the experience, me and my boyfriend were very sceptical about what we had paid for and were therefore scared about going. HOWEVER.. the stay has just made me realise just how stupid some people can be. The reviews stated that the accommodation shouldn’t be called a hotel, how the rooms are so small you couldn’t ‘swing a cat’ and how the staff were unhelpful. I don’t know if they were seeing something completely different to us but we had excellent service, the room was just perfect for a place to crash after a day in the park and the breakfast was absolutely perfect!

The room itself was quirky. Yes, it was admittedly small but all you need is a shower, a bed and a toilet as you don’t spend hardly any time in the room. The bed was super comfy and the wet room shower was heavenly. Although, the water did escape through the door into the room, so make sure you put a towel down beforehand. The only problem with the room was that the air conditioning and heater was hard to work and was very loud and the temperature wasn’t consistent so therefore had to wake up a couple of times to sort it out, which wasn’t ideal. However, after a not great night sleep the breakfast was definitely what I needed! There was a coffee and tea station, a buffet of hot breakfasts with beans, sausages, eggs, hash browns and bacon which was all cooked properly and was lovely. There is also continental breakfast treats too! Pastries, cereals, yogurts and also a range of fruit juices. So i filled up nicely for the day ahead!

We went in the last week that Thorpe Park was open for this year and was after the event of ‘Fright Night’ therefore we were basically the only people in the park. The longest we queued was 20 mins and for people that are aware of Thorpe Park they know that that time is NOTHING. We quite often walked onto rides, stayed on them for a second ride and sometimes were the only people on the ride!! Now as amazing as this sounds, the park got very boring towards the end of the second day and most of the time we PRAYED for a queue! But apart from this, it let us experience the full extent of the park. Also, with the room you get a fast track wristband for the second day that lets you skip queues for the first hour of the day. We didn’t need to use this due to the reason above however would come in handy for other times of the year!

Overall, the park is so much fun, the hotel is clean and well worth the price and the overall experience was definitely one i was glad to have!


What is everyone’s favourite ride at Thorpe Park?