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Mockingjay Review – WARNING SPOILERS

Sorry for the spoilers

…but I really couldn’t do a review about this without expressing my opinions towards some things that had been changed from the book to the film. 

Firstly, with the other adaptations of the book ‘The Hunger Games’ film phenomena has really impressed me about how true they have been to the books, the casting is impeccable and everything just seemed too good to be true.. 

It was..

The third book in the trilogy wasn’t the best of the three due to action only occurring a third of the way through with the first third being somewhat hard to get through. However, the way in which they transformed it on to the screen really disappointed me. 

Firstly, one word: Effie. 

The book doesn’t even mention Effie until nearer the end of the book until she is found. As soon as I saw her on the screen I turned to my boyfriend and literally went ‘What the hell is she doing there’ and then pretty much ruined the rest of the film for me because it made me angry every time I saw her. I understand that she is a comical character and that she is a favourite, but the storyline really didn’t need comedy.. in fact it took away some of the tension in which the storyline created.

Secondly: Gale and Katniss

I remember saying to a friend before watching the film that i hope they haven’t dumbed down or taken away the romance that there is between Gale and Katniss. 

They have.

I felt the whole way through that Gale had somewhat angst towards her, which yes is fair enough, she loves Peeta and ignores Gale when Peeta is mentioned, but the book shows so much more complexity around Gale and Katniss’ relationship making the storyline so much more worth it. However, they almost seen to be awkward with each other not in love. 

Also, the rescue of Peeta doesn’t appear in the book – he simply is just returned therefore the film had to create the scene. This I am not objecting to, as i found the scene tense and worth putting in the film. 

Overall though however, even though the film doesn’t compare to the first two, it is worth going to see. As always, Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing Katniss and Peeta, even though not appearing very much during the film, is as ever my favourite portrayal of Suzanne Collins’ work. Plus, the CGI work on Peeta’s tortured face was incredible.

I am more excited about Part 2 then ever now because I pray that it is better than this one. The later half of the book is more exciting anyway so fingers crossed!

What did everyone else think?!



6 thoughts on “Mockingjay Review – WARNING SPOILERS

  1. I have to admit I personally loved every single second of it! I go between wanting Katniss with Gale, and then with Peeta! Fortunately for me, I have read the books so know the outcome. But I was gripped from start to finish 😊 Xx


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