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Daily Skincare Routine


My skin is always a constant fighter in a never-ending battle. The problem with my skin is that some days it is extremely oily – like it is now. Other days, it’s perfect and then with a click of the fingers it becomes super dry! So I find it really hard to find products to fit to my skin. 

Although, i think i have done it and the best thing about it, is that it is EXTREMELY affordable! 

1. Firstly before my shower I like to apply the Soap and Glory ‘SCRUB YOUR NOSE IN IT’ leave it on whilst I wash my hair and then scrub it off in the shower. I got this product in ‘Oily/Combination skin’ because as it is a scrub, I feel as if it would really scrub away excess oil leaving my skin evenly oily/normal before i apply the other products. This scrub in particular smells a bit clinical – to go along with the packaging but it isn’t too unpleasant. It is bright blue in colour and I use it mainly on my oily areas such as my ‘T’ Zone and weirdly enough, my eyelids. 


2. Then after that I use my SuperDrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. I mentioned this purchase in my HAUL post. I got this is Normal to Dry Skin as hopefully my face would be de-oiled (is that a word?!). This smells amazing, literally like so fresh and the consistency is so nice and thick (in a good way) so you can really get full coverage on your face and neck. Then i use a Muslin Cloth, that came with the product, under warm/hot water and wash it all off. Really feels like a spa treatment and for as little as £4!! 


3. I then take my B.Pure Micellar water which is ideal for all skin types and use a little bit on my SuperDrug 100% pure cotton wool pads and wash it over my face just to tone and cleanse. 


4. Then finally, I take my Simple Rich Moisturiser and again using a SuperDrug pad, i put that all over my face avoiding my oily areas so I don’t add to the excess oil that will develop over the day. 


That has seemed to completely transform my face over the last few days so I extremely happy!

Any other products people would recommend at all?



2 thoughts on “Daily Skincare Routine

  1. Hellooo… I also use the Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It… It’s got a really fresh, clean scent! I use it generally across my T-Zone and then occasionally treat myself to an all over mask with it!
    Natalie X


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