Day out at Twickenham | Bath Rugby vs Leicester Tigers

On the 8th of April, Alex and I spent the day and overnight in Twickenham watching The Clash – that saw Bath Rugby take on Leicester Tigers. I am a huge Bath Rugby fan and try to see them as often as I can on their home ground ‘The Rec’, however, I saw this amazing opportunity of watching them play at the glorious Twickenham stadium and did not hesitate. I brought myself and Alex these tickets as his Christmas present as well as a Bath Rugby new season shirt and a hotel for overnight allowing us to properly get into the rugby spirit and drinking far too much overpriced Thatchers.

17523309_10212288792119668_5442521170241170040_n17799402_10212288794039716_1834214066302718243_n17861551_10212288794839736_2239177909225659488_n17796800_10212288795239746_3083140686973927046_n17862811_10212288795679757_6816572055671904452_nWe were sat four rows from the front on the 22 line and the weather was absolutely glorious, we were sat in the sun for the entire match. I catch the sun very easily so you can imagine the colour of my arms by the end of the 80mins… burnt. There was plenty going on before and after the match as well. There was a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, loads of food and drinks stands, entertainment in the form of a motorbike stunt show and a rock band. Afterward, being from the west country, we were honoured with a set from ‘The Wurzels’ – sad though as we either missed ‘I’ve got a brand new combine harvester’ or they didn’t sing it :(. But we managed to catch ‘I am a cider drinker’ so we were happy.

We then went on into Twickenham town and ate at a Chicago Rib and Steak place, Alex had ribs and got given a Rib Bib – he is such a messy eater so this was genius. I ordered a spicy bean burger and sweet potato fries and it was so good!



Alex in his special Rib-Bib! 


We stayed in the next town on Hounslow, in an IBIS budget hotel that cost £40 for the night. It was all we needed as we got back late and headed off home early morning so a bed and a shower was just enough for us. For what we paid, the hotel was actually very pleasant, basic but clean and modern.

Bath won the game, despite a few nail-biting moments, So all in all, we have an amazing day, great result, plenty of cider and a great Christmas present idea for you ladies that have a partner who enjoys sport!

Just a quick one today,

See you next time!

Lauren x

Skiing 2017 – Bardonecchia | Crystal Ski Holiday

Over the Winter I not only suffered from holiday blues but ski holiday blues. Looking at all the celebrities and people I know grabbing their ski’s and their salopettes and heading to the mountain. Now, ski holiday’s aren’t cheap, especially when you don’t own your own equipment. This is the main reason why I didn’t look to go skiing this season – BUT, crystal ski deals hooked me and my boyfriend and we were determined to go.

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Forgive me?

Welcome to, probably, the most written content ever featured on a blog? 

I’ve been a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE blogger. Yes, the pretty normal, hopefully forgivable, excuse is coming..

I’ve been busy.

Does that justify over a year missing? Yes, yes it does.

However, I’m back on the bandwagon, packed ready to jet off back on my blogging adventures and here to amuse you all once again.

Where did I leave you?

Well, I’m currently in my third (but technically fourth year) of university studying Communication and Media at Bournemouth University. I say ‘technically my fourth’ because I spent a year as a Marketing and Events Intern for a company organising events and social media. It was great!

But now, back to the cause and grind of assignments and… DISSERTATION. 

I’m almost half-way through my dissertation, and if anyone is interested, I might do a ‘Things not to do’ post or something to talk about my experience of writing one.

I’m now crying, screaming and dreading the leap into actual adult world but applying for graduate schemes, traineeships and internships in Journalism. So, fingers crossed ey!

Why pick blogging back up I hear you ask?

I’ve missed it, terribly. It’s a release. Right now, I could do with a release. So, sit back and enjoy and I cannot wait to talk to you all again and hear what you’ve been up to!


  • I hope to upload twice a week – series ideas are coming along nicely and will be announced as they are released.
  • Once a proper fixed schedule of days and times are clear I will tell you them also.

For now, I’m back!

Tell me ONE thing you are proud of doing in the last year?

Until next time,